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We're glad you asked! WCASC holds elections every year to select the next Board of Student Leaders and for the Student Member of the Board. 

Student Member of the Board Elections

The Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) is a member of the Washington County Board of Education. Appointed by the delegates of WCASC each year, the SMOB is the most visual representation of the student voice on the Board of Education. The Washington County SMOB is currently given a recorded opinion vote, meaning their vote is officially recorded in the meeting minutes. This year, SMOB elections will be held at the April 21st WCASC General Assembly. SMOB candidates must be a current high school sophomore or junior, as well as exhibit extreme determination in voicing the opinions of Washington County students.

*Application Period Currently Closed*


Board of Student Leaders Elections

The Board of Student Leaders are elected onto the board every year. Click here to see who currently serves on the Board for this year and what they do. This year, the elections are going to be held during a General Assembly WCASC will host. The positions available are President, Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, High School At-Large, and Middle School At-Large. WCASC hopes for a diverse group of students each year, coming from different grades and schools across Washington County.

*Application Period Currently Open* 

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