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Candidates for Student Member of the Board

The SMOB is arguably the most visible and prominent student leadership position in the county. They attend the meetings of the Washington County Board of Education, are given a recorded opinion, and are a vital outlet between the students and policymakers. Learn more about our 2022 candidates below.


Alexandra Smith

Alex is a junior at North Hagerstown high school, currently serving as an at-large member of the  board.


Mae Crews

Mae is a junior at South Hagerstown high school currently serving as an at-large member of the board.

Alexandra Smith 

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Smith. I am currently a junior at North Hagerstown High School
and an IB Diploma Programme student with a 4.36 GPA. I attended Hancock for elementary school and Springfield for middle school, so I have been able to experience what it is like at different schools across the county. When I’m not in school I am usually at the ballfield; I play high school and travel softball. I also enjoy traveling and crafting in my free time. I enjoy having the opportunity to give back to the community, both in and out of school. I think that it is incredibly important that the largest stakeholders in education have an informed and responsible voice on all issues which concern them. Therefore, I hope to serve as your next Student Member on the Board.

If you, as the students, choose me to represent you on the WCPS Board of Education I will work to
make sure students feel safe and comfortable in their schools, they do not feel targeted by county
policy, and that they have the mental health support they need to succeed. I will work with the Board
Members and my fellow students on issues such as the dress code, mental health, cleaning up our
school campuses and making students feel safe and comfortable at school. Additionally, I will
continue the work of my predecessor’s on getting not only the WCPS SMOB full voting rights, but
also all Student Members in Maryland.

I have been a leader from a very young age whether it was with my friends or doing a group project in school. Throughout high school I have been involved in Student Government since my freshman
year; serving on the Executive Board of my school’s student council for two years and currently
holding the position of Special Initiatives Coordinator.. I am currently serving as an At-Large member
on the WCASC Board of Student Leaders and as a student representative on the WCPS Local School
Health Council. I also serve on the IB Council, which is an opportunity for a select group of IB
students to advocate and support all the IB students at North. Furthermore, I served on Kevin
Bokoum’s campaign staff for his county and state SMOB elections and I have assisted him in a Chief
of Staff-like position. I attended and participated in the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY)
conference in 2021. Additionally, I am a member of the Calculus Club, a math tutoring club at North.


Mae Crews

Hello, my name is Mae and I am running to be your next Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB). I currently am a junior at South High and play tennis, flute, and run cross country. I am also a part of NHS, the magnet program here at South, ALA, and SGA, at both the school and county levels.

I have a true passion for advocacy and voicing student opinions, so trust me when I say, I will always do my best to bring students’ issues and concerns to every board meeting. Something I have done this year to start this is testifying for SMOB voting rights in front of the Board of Education (BOE) in November. I also testified in front of the Board of County Commissioners for more funding for mental health resources in March. Both were great experiences and cemented my love for Student Government while sparking my interest to run for SMOB.

The main issues of my campaign revolve around mental health and improving communication,
whether it be between students and the BOE or students and their administrations. My main goal is
simply to have students feel, and know, that their opinions and input are valued when making policy.

After talking to many of my friends and teachers, I can say for certain that mental health has never
been as big an issue in schools as it is now. Many behavior problems cannot be fixed overnight,
however, with the right resources provided by WCPS, they can be improved with time. I will make
sure to support and push for more counselors and resources for mental health if elected.

Another effect of COVID has been the disconnect between students and teachers, students and their
administrators, and students and the BOE. Our current SMOB, Tanish, helped found the SMOB
council, with SMOBs across the state conversing to discuss state-wide issues, as well as the
Washington County SMOB advisory council, where students can directly advise the SMOB, both of
which I would be grateful to continue.

I respect the SMOB position, the Board of Student Leaders, and the Board of Education, so I promise
that if I am voted into office, I will make SMOB my greatest priority. If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much,
Mae Crews

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