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Information for Potential Candidates


2024 Getting Started: Board of Student Leaders Elections Process Q&A

Letter to Potential BOSL Candidates

Writing Your Letter of Intent 

This is an optional template for the Letter of Intent. They are due, for all Board of Student Leaders Candidates, by 1:00pm March 31st.

Your Address


(City, State, Zipcode)




Jesse Orth

Advisor to the WCASC Board of Student Leaders

(Insert Mr. Orth's Mailing Address)


Dear Mr. Orth, 


Paragraph 1

I am writing to announce that I intend to run for the office of________________. I attend _________ Middle or High School and have a ___ GPA, and have been involved in WCASC and the community in numerous ways (I.E any experience that qualifies you for this position and gives background about yourself, academically and professionally)

Paragraph 2

  • Expand on your experience, and why you want to run for this position.

  • OPTIONAL, any key platform ideas you would like to run on.

  • Keep it concise and maintain a professional tone. 


Conclude with,

Thank you for the opportunity to run for a position on the WCASC Board of Student Leaders. I look forward to working with you during the election process.



(Your Name)

(Your Email Address)

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